Who we are ?

The CEI is an independent organization established in 1986, embracing secondary school students, teachers and mentors, whose interests are focused specifically on the issues of environmental protection, promoting education, shaping awarness and training within sustainable development. We are coming from nearly 50 countries from the most far corners of the world. Some countries have established National Branches of CEI. See CEI's Mission and Statutes for more information.

How it began?  - please read the story written by Ms. Isabel Abrams, CEI Director of Communications, co-founder of CEI.                                                                   



What we are doing ?

On a daily basis the caretakers carry out various tasks like improving water quality, helping endangered species, community enhancement projects, planting trees, for the benefit of the environment in their local communities. Each year we organize an international conference CEI, in a different host country. Here caretakes present their projects, participate in workshops and learn about the country organizer, discuss with each other and have fun. CEI also produces a publication called the Global Forum, which highlights the various projects by delegations from different countries as well as research from scientists from around the world.


Global Forum

Join us !

If you are an educator, student, NGO, or other organization that has interest in the quality of the environment you should join us. The more that join, the more that we can do for the environment. We are all Caretakers of the environment and CEI helps you organize local efforts to make a positive difference.
The British leading architect, Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Rogers said: ”The only way forward if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.”
If you have questions, please contact us. Do you want to set up a National Branch of CEI in your country? Please reach these Guidelines.