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36 CEI conference,  July 4th to 8th, 2022  San José, San Isidro Costa Rica

Conference will be co-hosted by  Fundación Madre Tierra Verde, Golden Valley School and CEI Costa Rica.
The organising team will be led by co-hosts Gerardo de Vega (MTVF) and Georgina Grillo (GVS), with assistance from GVS students Daniela Gutiérrez and Max Meoño who will lead the volunteer team.

Main theme:


- Water refugees and social impact
This subtheme deals with the populations being displaced by rising water levels that have been catalogued as international refugees by the United Nations, as well as the logistics in order to give them asylum in other countries. It also concerns problems with future countries or islands disappearing due to rising water levels.
- Water pollution, drinking water & sanitation
This subtheme deals with everything related to the quality and health of water and the measures to maintain it clean. It also deals with water racking and the processes relative to it.
- Water, Ecotourism and hydroelectric energy production
This subtheme deals with the different tourism mechanisms that involve water recreation and the symbiotic relationships between water bodies for recreation, transportation, and consumption.
- Water-based natural disasters, climate adaptation, and mitigation
This subtheme deals with natural disasters originated by climate change that will lead to flooding, tsunamis, hail, and others, along with how to adapt to them.

 Conference Format

Hybrid model: As the first option, the Costa Rica Conference Team is setting up a hybrid conference model.
This model will take into account a maximum on site participation of students, faculty, and collaborators of three hundred participants.
The hybrid model will also take into account a virtual group of students and teachers from around the world, which will be between 300 to 450 participants.
The hybrid model takes into account individual activities for the on-site participants, activities for the virtual participants, and activities when both groups meet together online.
Virtual model: The CRC Team is strategically working parallel to the hybrid model on a fully virtual one. The deployment of such a model would take place in the event of full world closures due to COVID-19 and its variants. The virtual part of the conference will take place in Zoom, using the Alumni Zoom account and modeling the format used in Ireland 2021.


All participants must have complete vaccination scheme (2 shots). Proof of scheme will be
asked for during April/ May.
Participants must purchase Travelers insurance for a value of $50,000 USD
Participants will wear facemasks at all times
Participants will have regular temperature checks. Any symptoms and the participant will
be removed from conference and quarantined in the hotel.

Instituto Costarricense  de Turismo

Conference Venue


Hotel Irazú
Check in: Sunday, July 3, 2022
Check out: Saturday, July 9, 2022
Any additional days are paid by the guest

Main venue
Golden Valley School: San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica

Additional venues:
La Selva Biological Station & Reserve: Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

La Tirimbina Biological Reserve: Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

El Zota Biological Field Station: Barra de colorado, Limón, Costa Rica

Each participant will receive throughout their stay at the conference a total of 3 main meals and two snacks per day. The night activities will have extra snacks.


Organizer info

Information about upcoming CEI 2022 provided by alumniCEI and conference host:

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CEI 2022 Programme

Physical/In Person Conference

Virtual Conference


Post Conference

Anyone who wishes to travel through Costa Rica post conference must contact:
Ignacio Escorriola
Whatsapp: +50683820676
He's the FMTV member who will set up the logistics for the sustainable tourism plans post

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Registration will open the first week of January. The delegation will receive an email upon payment which will grant them access to a virtual toolkit and other related documents.


Link to full registration form: (update April 25, 2022) 


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Conference payment


Update April 2, 2022

For updated information on payment and conference fee please see here

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