Annual Conference

Natural and Cultural Heritage

The 37th annual Caretakers of the Environment International Conference
will be held on July 2nd-8th, 2023 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Organizing team:
    Stien Matakupan, President of CEI Indonesia
    Desi Arti, co-host 1
    Okwan Himpuni, co-host 2

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Conference Venue

Indonesian Institute of ART Yogyakarta and Burza Hotel, Yogjakarta
All Delegates will be accommodate in Burza Hotel, Jl. Jogokaryan no. 61 - 63, Mantirejon, Yogyakarta

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Newsletter 1

The recruitment of candidates for CEI2023 alumni has begun. Terms and application form can be found here.

Conference program info
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Registration will be open from 14th January to 3rd June 2023 for all delegations. Please only pay after your full registration and after you have received a confirmation letter from the conference organizers.
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