CEI 2021 on live!

05 July 2021
Even if you are not registered, if you are over 18, you are welcome to observe sessions of the conference. You can follow via the alumni social media ( and via our YouTube channel: sessions will be livestreamed and all the talks are scheduled to go live about half an hour after they happen "live" at the conference.

CEI 2016 Final Reminders

04 July 2021
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CEI Newsletter 6

09 June 2021
We're rapidly approaching the conference and there's quite some jobs to be done! So make sure to keep checking our submission guidelines page:   1. UPDATED DELEGATION NAMES AND DISTRIBUTIONS A reminder that if you did not fill in names when registering, or if names or details of delegates have changed to please send us an email. If your school also has multiple project groups, please also send an overview of this to us if you have not already done so.    2.  THE TIME AVAILABILITY FORM IS CLOSING Remember that you must fill in a time availability form for your delegation. Observers/individuals must also fill this form in! You can fill out the form here:  If you have multiple project groups, please fill in this form for each project group! Observers and individuals should indicate which sessions they want to observe or take part in!  We made a video to help you fill in the form which you can find in the form itself!    The form will close tomorrow, and if you have not filled out the form, we will assign your timeslots and if you don't attend those timeslots you will not receive a conference certificate - this applies for project presentations, so make sure you fill it out!! No switching will be possible due to the high numbers of participants! 3. CEI 2021 ART CONTEST & POSTER CONTEST For CEI 2021 there will be an art contest where we invite students to share their vision for a sustainable community in the future. All information can be found here:  There will also be a prize for the best project poster at CEI 2021: Only posters that are being presented in the Virtual Poster Exhibition are eligible to win the poster competition. However all posters will be displayed on the website prior to the conference4. SUBMITTING POSTERS AND GLOBAL FORUM SUMMARIES A reminder that project posters and global forum summaries are due on June 14th. All information, including templates and submission forms can be found here:, If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us at If you did not receive previous newsletters but would like to, please also send us an email. All information concerning the programme, timing, required submissions and more can be found on our website: 5. YOUNG REPORTERS UPDATE Our Young Reporters have been hard at work writing articles for the Alumni blog. These articles are relevant to teachers and students, so make sure to subscribe to our website to get email notifications about them and check the articles out over the coming weeks    

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