Cancellation of the CEI 2020 conference

17 March 2020
Due to the health risk, travel and gatherings of people restrictions in most countries of the world, caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers of the CEI 2020 conference in Indonesia and the CEI Board have decided to cancel the conference in 2020.Indonesia has rescinded its invitation for any Caretakers delegations to arrive in Jakarta this July.Further provisions regarding 34th CEI conference will be published as soon as the global epidemic situation allows for responsible planning. Conference Host and CEI Board

Conference CEI 2020

04 December 2019
The website of conference CEI 2020 is published now.

Deadline reset

04 November 2019
Taking into account the current state of information about the CEI 2020 conference and responding to members' suggestions, the CEI Board decided to postpone the deadline for submitting application to be an alumni.According to the Board's decision, a new deadline for submitting applications to be an alumni is in force: November 30, 2019.Details and online form in About CEI/Alumni tab.

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