What does it take to enable students to see the planet as one interdependent environment?
Caretakers of the Environment (CEI) believes this can best occur through having students meet and work together.

By organizing annual international conferences, making available a periodical for teachers and students by teachers and students, establishing national branches and organizing national and regional workshops, CEI tries to establish a worldwide network of secondary school teachers and students who are actively concerned about environmental issues and who are willing to do something about these issues through their education and their action-taking.

The network intends to be a podium for teachers and students to exchange concerns, ideas, strategies, actions and projects in the field of environmental education.


Our goals


  • To develop a worldwide network of secondary school students and teachers who share environmental concerns and who face environmental challenges.
  • To share successful and innovative environmental education programs.
  • To facilitate joint educational projects that encourage international data exchange and interdisciplinary activities.
  • To develop strategies which enable delegates to act as ambassadors for CEI in their own country.
  • To promote environmental awareness and to develop national EE-networks.
  • To encourage the building of trust, friendship and cooperation among people of different cultural background.