What are Alumni?

Alumni are students who have attended CEI conferences as delegates at least twice, preferably more. They are now over 19 and therefore not eligible to attend as a delegate but still want to be part of the CEI family and work on improving their environment either alone, or with similar minded friends.

What does an Alumni do?

An Alumni works on a project that interests them, just as they did as students but independently. This project can be on any area of environmental stewardship and should involve an Alumni working with local community/school. Each Alumni will be asked to make a  report about his/her project in the Global Forum in May. 

How do I become an Alumni?

Fill in the application form - link below, explaining why you think you would be a good Alumni and outlining your project. If you have been accepted you will be registered as CEI Alumni. Closing date for Alumni Application Form will be November 30th. All candidates will be notified about CEI Board decision by December 15th. If you are not notified, be sure to contact us before December 31st via CEI contact form on the CEI website. If you are interested, as registered Alumni, to attend the upcoming CEI Conference, do not forget during registration to check the dedicated box in application form and fill in additional fields. Requests to attend the upcoming conference will be considered second. If CEI Board not registered you as CEI Alumni, your request to attend the conference will not be considered this year.

Can an Alumni attend the Conference?

Each year, the Conference Host will appoint several registered Alumni to help at the Conference. If you are interested to be a part of CEI Conference Alumni Team, you have to check the dedicated box in application form. Your application will be considered by CEI Board and Conference Host. Before the end of December, you will be informed if you have been chosen. The final list of registered Alumni, who have been qualified by the CEI Board and Conference Host as Conference Alumni, will be published on CEI website by December 31st. If you are chosen as a Conference Alumni you will be supported to attend the conference. Up to 50% of your airfare will be paid by the CEI Board and your conference fee will be waived. You will also be expected to present your project to the conference as an example of good practice.

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