What are Alumni?

Alumni are students who have attended CEI conferences as delegates at least twice, preferably more. They are now over 18 and therefore not eligible to attend as a delegate but still want to be part of the CEI family and work on im proving their environment either alone, or with similar minded friends.

What does an Alumni do?

An Alumni works on a project that interests them, just as they did as students but independently. They will report on this project in the Global Forum or at the Conference. 

Can an Alumni attend the Conference?

Each year, the Conference Host will appoint several Alumni to help at the Conference. Applications forms will be posted at the beginning of December in the Conference website. If you are chosen, you can attend the Conference and help the Conference Host in whatever capacity they decide. You will have to present your project as an example of good practice at the Conference, probably to all the students. The Conference Host will waive the fees for the Conference and the CEI Board will help with up to 50% of the travel costs. The rest of the cost, you must raise for yourself.

How do I become an Alumni?

The procedure will be published soon.

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