The 50th Earth Day

22 April 2020


 The 50th Earth Day will take place on April 22 and I hope that many Caretakers students and teachers will celebrate by planting a seed. CEI has had a “Seeds of Biodiversity” project for many years. This could be a delightful project that can be done while confined at home.

            There are 2 kinds of seeds you can plant:
    1. A seed from a green plant – from a fruit, vegetable, tree or shrub.
Put it in a small pot with soil, water it, and record when its roots and leaves appear, and how tall it grows. You will be amazed at how fast nature can change.
     2. A seed of knowledge – about climate change, loss of coral reefs, pollution, recycling, loss of species or other issues. Express your idea in a poem, painting, skit, dance, or other art.
A seed is a symbol of regeneration, something to celebrate on Earth Day.
After that, I hope Caretakers will share what happened to our seeds during beautiful days when we take a walk, or when we talk on virtual meetings on Zoom or at the CEI conference in July.

Isabel Abrams
CEI Co-founder and Director/Communications