Sustainable Societes

Aalborg, Denmark 2016
June 27 – July 2, 2016  Aalborg Youth School
Conference chair Elisabeth Jørgensen Brun


On June 26th threw July 2nd, the Youth School of Aalborg hosted the 30th annual Youth Conference of Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI). The conference theme was: Sustainable Societies.

It was a great experience for Aalborg Youth School as host, and for all of the participants. Gathering students and teachers from so many different cultures and regions of the world in our small city was exciting and a great experience over all.

The conference consisted of fieldtrips to different locations in the region and workshops where participants were able to listen and engage in hands on activities such as building solar cells. These activities allowed for the students to get together, to discuss, share ideas, and to make new friends.

Delegations were also given the opportunity to present their projects. As hosts, Aalborg Youth School required all delegations to work within the theme, Sustainable Societies. This allowed students to share ideas and challenge one another.   more



30th Annual Caretakers of the Environment International Conference
Aalborg, Denmark 28 June-July 2, 2016
Rights and Responsibilities Workshop Outcome Statements

During two 2.5 hour workshop sessions, 85 youth and educators from more than 20 countries discussed recommendations to move forward the interactive role local governments and its citizens should play in the building sustainable societies. The participants agreed upon the following statements to be presented to the Municipal Council of the City of Aalborg, as well as to be shared with their own individual local governments around the world.

  1. Civic engagement:

We encourage the government to encourage group activities, teamwork and problem-solving at the neighbourhood level in the community. By doing this we increase trust and friendship which is vital for the well-being in a community

  1. Sustainable community:

We encourage the government and parents to promote the idea of equality and green behaviour to young children (5-10 years), because we believe social equality and environmental awareness would result in greater well-being of all individuals.

  1. Natural habitat:

Natural habitats and their species should be provided with their basic needs for a healthier, stronger and more sustainable environment. We encourage you to educate people, and educate themselves, about habitats and species’ needs concentrating on endangered species and preventing upcoming invasive species.

  1. Sustainable society:

We believe that treating disabled, refugees and minorities equally by offering special programs, activities, providing houses for refugees and educating young people how to be tolerant and respectful and sensitive towards cultural and economic differences.

  1. Green education:

We believe that students should learn some basic principles of sustainable development within their own families. Then, in school, they learn how to cooperate with others and lastly effect and influence the local community.


Facilitated by Dan Hoynacki, Youth Development Faculty, Oregon State University, USA

Emilie Clara Jensen, Graduate Student in Environmental law, Aalborg University
Marc Søgaard, Youth Representative to Aalborg City Council