Connecting Minds, Creating the Future for the Oceans

Oeiras, Portugal 2015
June 28 - July 4, 2015  ASPEA Portugal
Conference Chair Fátima Matos Almeida


Portfolio of reviews from CEI 2015
The following themes have been organized according to the answers given by the delegates to our evaluation form. Under each theme, there are the respective direct quotes.
1. Ocean literacy
I was so impressed by how intelligent and passionate these young adults are for conserving out planet. I was pleasantly surprised how much I learned from them! I loved the fact that, even though we are all from different countries, some very far away from mine, we all come together for a cause: saving the oceans and protect them. You mustn't miss dealing with the ocean and seeing it Quoting one participant, the most important part of the conference was listening different projects and scientific approaches connecting the ecological subjects. Teenagers can do a lot to protect our environment. They are full of enthusiasm, energetic. CEI is a very good way to gather teenagers from different countries. The strongest feeling about the conference is our ocean has been polluted seriously; we should all raise awareness on protecting it. The other is the ecosystem is seriously damaged, when the photos were shown, there's a strong feeling of we need to start altering our lifestyle and make a better world.

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